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Certified Lucky is a Canadian company based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, where we strive to bring durability and innovation to Canadian anglers. As life long fishermen we have used our experience and passion for fishing, to develop products which have been hand tested to ensure your success regardless of the season or location. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing our customers land huge fish, and knowing that our products will continue to deliver time and time again. When we are not in the workshop making these products by hand, we can be found travelling around our beautiful province product testing and talking with local anglers. We love to hear your feedback, because our goal is always to be better than we were before, and to help you catch more and bigger fish!

Designed to catch fish, not fishermen!





Certified Lucky is your one stop shop for innovative fishing lures, but we also offer apparel and accessories. Designed for the outdoorsman, we offer a range of Apparel like hats, high quality hoodies, for both him and her as well as accessories like microfiber fishing towels and polarized sunglasses. Look out for new products and designs as they are added periodically, so check back for new designs and accessories.

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Certified lucky is very active on all Platforms and we love seeing and hearing about your amazing fishing experiences. 

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All our products are hand made with the best high stretch plastics and armed with VMC hooks. They are made to be durable, while mimicking real fish like action, so you can land the big ones!

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