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Our Team not only designs new innovative ideas, but also tackles current lure and/or application issues. We find current problems or limiting factors in modern baits. Through research and design, our company finds ways to make these products more productive and user-friendly. 

Our company strives to talk with local anglers (professional and novice alike) to find the ideas and demands of the fishing community. If you are looking for a company that dedicates themselves to developing advancements and innovations in fishing products, look no further than Certified Lucky Tackle and Apparel.

If you have any innovative ideas you would like to discuss or see limiting factors in any current fishing tackle and would like to make a change, please feel free to contact us. Our doors are always open to solve any issues in fishing equipment or tackle.

A lot of companies design tackle to catch fishermen,

Certified Lucky Tackle is designed to catch fish.

See for yourself...