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Certified Lucky Tackle is owned by avid fishermen who bring years of experience and passion to the creation of our tackle line. We saw the gaps in the industry and decided if we couldn't find the high quality products that we were searching for, then we would make our own. Through extensive trial, error, and product testing, we have created a series of products which we personally use to catch big fish. Nothing makes us happier than seeing all the great times and big fish brought in with our lures.


We understand that fishing can be so many different things for so many people. Maybe it's the time every week when a parent/grandparent can bond with their child or grandchild. Maybe it's reconnecting with an old friend or making new friends. Maybe it's being alone in nature, with time to reflect on ourselves - a meditative moment. And maybe it's just a fun escape from the 9 to 5 grind. Regardless of why we fish, we all share a love and appreciation for the sport and the fish.

A lot of companies design tackle to catch fishermen,

Certified Lucky Tackle is designed to catch fish.

See for yourself...

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